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Clip-Up and Free-Up Both Hands with Cooly

Have you ever thought the existing portable fans in the market are uncomfortable and useless in cooling you down and drying the sweat of your body?

Heat evaporation will be a great help when you need to cool down your body. This is why sweat is generated in the first place, but we need some help from fan devices to quickly feel the cooling effect of sweat. However, most of the portable fans in the market fail to blow the wind to the back, which can be the sweatiest area of our bodies.

A portable fan that effectively targets the back without you having to hold it to the back rolled out on Kickstarter. If you suffer from sweat stains in the back frequently, this can solve your problem.

Let me introduce you, Cooly.

Cooly: The Complete Hands-free Portable Fan

Cooly is not like other portable fans that you need to hold by your hands or wear around your neck. It is a unique and innovative fan that has a fixation clip on it so that you can just fix it on your bottom’s waists or belts. Then the wind will blow inside your top, evaporating the heat and providing instant cooling. The second fixation clip on the top is to hold your shirt from being flipped and allow easy airflow.

Best Features of Cooly

1. It automatically targets your upper body

This point cannot be exaggerated and is what makes Cooly stand out from other portable fans. It is so convenient.

2. Durability

It utilizes a 4000mAh high-capacity lithium-polymer battery that is also used in cellphones or battery packs. When fully charged, it lasts up to 6.5 hours with low wind speed and 2.5 hours with high wind speed. (USB C Type charging) This will work best for outdoor activities.

3. 3-Level Wind Speed and low level of noise

You can adjust the wind speed in 3 levels. Each press of the power button will elevate Cooly’s wind speed. Each speed level generates different noise decibels. Cooly’s technology succeeded in keeping the noise significantly low even with the highest wind speed. Check out the project page to see the specific noise level according to the wind speed.

Made for everyone: Safety Wing Structure

It has a safety wing structure that prevents your hair from getting caught in the fan. Cooly’s motors and wings are located deep inside so that the users can’t make any contact. Plus, its square shape does not have any sharpness. It is safe for anyone from kids to elders to use.

Color Options

Cooly’s design is very sleek and sophisticated. The background color options are white and black and there are more options for the point color of silver, rose gold, black, dark metal. It will also be a nice interior item.

Don’t Miss Out the Special Discount

Cooly is now available on Kickstarter with a special discount. Check out the project page and be a smart consumer.