This Summer’s Hottest Fashions

Are you ready for This Summer’s Hottest Fashions?

One of the best parts about Summer is getting to flaunt your favorite warm weather styles. There are some typical summer staples we all love, but each year the trends are slightly different. Sometimes it is enough to make a small adjustment to the looks you already own, but there are some styles that we just can’t pass by. It doesn’t matter if you like to be bold and stand out wherever you go, or you want to fit in with the crowd, these summer fashion tips are can’t miss!


Whether you are headed to the Hamptons or the High Line, stripes are in. Reminiscent of beachy themes and nautical undertones stripes can be paired with solid colors for a more traditional look or mismatched with other banded pieces as seen on some of the top runways this year. Brands ranging from Banana Republic to Valentino have embraced both bolder seaside stripes and the thinner classic pin stripe inspired by Wall Street.


Always a staple for all seasons, Khaki isn’t quite making a comeback, but more of a spotlight arrival. A versatile fabric and color, Khaki can be used to dress up or dress down depending on the cut and what you wear it with. Traditionally evoking a utilitarian or military vibe Khaki can take the most feminine floral piece and give it a bit of a unisex or masculine feel. Pair it with a denim counterpart to give it an outdoorsy look, or layer it over that pink tulle skirt to create some diversity in your style.

Sleeve and Shoulder Exposure

If there is one thing this year’s designers can agree on, it is that peak-a-boo skin is in. The last few summers have brought us crop tops of all styles, and traditionally short shorts are a staple, but this year you have a few more options. If you are looking to show some skin without offending your grandmother, opt for a piece with a small cut out detail on the sleeve or waist that can give you some shape without revealing too much. Check out Barneys to see all the different options for this great summer look. For even more exposure, you can be in style with a perfectly casual off the shoulder shirt in a variety of kinds from Mediterranean floral prints to geometric tribal patterns.

The Shirt Dress

We have seen this one slowly gain traction over the years, but this Summer, it’s official: the shirt dress is here to stay! I can hear the sighs of relief from here. What could be more comfortable than a trend that allows you to wear your man’s button up, your nightgown, or that oversized T-shirt and still be on point with the latest fashion trend? Similar to this year’s Khaki movement, this one can be a versatile staple when done right. When choosing a fabric opt for comfort, because this style is all about easy breezy flow. Though we have seen some stiff blue collar inspired looks on this year’s runways, they all share that same “I just threw this on” vibe and still look great. Most styles can be worn with or without pants or leggings, which really means this outfit can double as two different looks.